Firefighter Cancer Support Network


The mission of the Firefighter Cancer Support Network

To help fire/EMS members and their families cope with cancer and to provide occupational-cancer awareness and prevention training nationwide.

Together, we can provide comfort, strength, and hope by sharing our own experiences with the devastating effects of cancer.

Together, we can educate fire/EMS members about the importance of cancer screenings and early detection.

Together, we can promote an understanding that cancer does not have to be faced alone.

Together, we can make a difference.

Check out these articles

According to an article from USA Today Network published May 21, 2014, most firefighters know that they may face danger on the job each and every day. What they may not expect to be faced with is cancer. A new study shows that cancer rates among firefighters are rapidly growing. VPC

October 23, 2017 NBC News report on how firefighters are at a much greater risk for cancer.

Safetynet of Missouri


How we help

Within days of the line of duty death of a law enforcement officer, firefighter, paramedic, EMT or corrections officer, his or her family receives a $5,000 check from SafetyNet with assurance of further help.

Follow up

  • Assumption of financial obligations (i.e., mortgage payments, automobile payments, credit card debt, loan debt, taxes, insurance, etc.) as funding permits
  • Health and dental insurance, if needed
  • Elementary and secondary educational assistance grades K–12
  • College/vocational tuition assistance to spouse/survivors
  • Miscellaneous assistance as approved by board of directors (i.e., home repairs, unusual medical expenses, etc.